2 comments Monday, November 23, 2009

Shoot. I feel like I'm already out of stuff to write. I should have saved some of the news instead of spilling it all at once.

I guess I'll just tell a Micah story: We've been working on animal sounds, and Micah's quite good at them, particularly the lion. The other day he was climbing up the stairs and I was standing down below watching. He was just cruising on up, and then suddenly he stopped, turned around and looked at me, let out an enormous fart, and then said, "Roar."

These are the times that I wish I was not the only adult in the room. Micah just didn't share my appreciation for the humor of it all.

2 comments Sunday, November 22, 2009

The history on this blog tells me that the last time I posted anything was July 3, 2008. Today is November 22, 2009. So it hasn't really been that long if you think about it in the grand scheme of things. Like take eternity for example . . . what's a year and a half, really?

And besides, not that much has happened. Our lives are pretty boring.

Oh wait, unless you count Micah's first Christmas last December.

And then walking in on a robbery-in-progress at our apartment in Schenectady last January.

Oh yeah, and 'ellie's sister Sara marrying D's best friend Zach in February.

And then in May moving in with the Hopkins, who have seven kids.

And also Micah's first birthday.

And in August 'ellie's sister Becky getting married to the FIFTH Chris in the immediate family.

And then in September D' quitting his construction job and starting school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute full time.

And then in October moving out of the Hopkins (who have seven kids) and in with the Fedors (who have a boy scheduled to arrive in April).

And then planning to move out of the Fedors' and into a place of our own shortly before Christmas.

Oh yeah, and the fact that we're expecting another baby to join our adventures on January 15th, 2010.

See, you haven't missed much.

I'm hoping to start blogging again because evidently things change fast around here. And for the things in the list above that have an interesting story (most notably last January's Schenectady adventure) I will try to fill you in a little more thoroughly along the way.

But for now, because every blog is better if it has a picture, here you go:

2 comments Thursday, July 3, 2008

So if anyone even remembers us, this is Dave and Ellie in New York. We just had a kid, and he seems to be taking up most of our time. Not complaining or making excuses, just explaining.

He does, however, find time to post pictures of himself on his own blog. This is what you can do when you don't have a job or a little baby to look after, I guess. So if you'd like to keep up with his growth, which is pretty much what we do these days you can go to http://micahclev.blogspot.com

There are even more pictures of him on my (Ellie's) facebook page.

Eventually I'll learn how to take care of a kid, clean the house, AND blog. But for now, I think this one's going on hiatus.

(This picture serves as an explanation for my lack of time. I'm entranced. I can't look away.)

0 comments Monday, May 26, 2008

We are uploading all the pictures are camera can take to a Windows Live Space. We are not sure if we like the Windows Live Space yet but it is free and Flickr isn't.

TheDellie's Windows Live Space

So check it out. Eventually Ellie will start blogging again and put "choice pictures here on blogspot but until we get the time for that feel free to dig through the vault.


2 comments Saturday, May 17, 2008

We reached a monumental place in our relationship a few days ago: David allowed me to cut his hair! He has always gone to this barber named Mike, who does a great job and is (apparently) super cool and hip and friendly and nice and charges way too much.

I didn't realize how much he was overcharging until I tried to do what he does and was fairly successful on my first try. What do you think? Did I do all right? Despite what it looks like, it's not all the same length. There was blending and combs and scissors involved. Seriously.

1 comments Friday, May 16, 2008

Dave really brings out the girl in me. I've never been much for flowers, but on my birthday he came home from work with a beautiful bouquet, and my heart melted.

3 comments Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's talk about irony. This post refers you back to my last post about the fabulous birthday gift I received from my parents and parents-in-law.

Remember how at the beginning of that post I told you I had been looking for a piano for a really long time? Well, during that time I had never called anyone on craiglist about their pianos, and never EVER bid on any piano on eBay.

Also, please reread the last sentence of the first paragraph of that post. I will repeat it here for emphasis, "I made a few bids and promptly forgot about them.

Well, turns out they didn't forget about me. I won them both with flying colors. How absurd. I was the only one that bid on either in the three days that they were up for auction. So I bought a regular little piano for $49.99 and an upright piano for a whopping $0.99 -- yes, you read that right. Ninety-nine cents.

And of course, I'm now locked in, which is great, except that one is in New Jersey (2.5 hours away) and the other is in Rhode Island (3 hours away). I got in touch with the people and said we could cancel the whole transaction and they could re-post their auctions, because I'm sure they wanted more than they got for them, but no. Both ladies just wanted the pianos gone.

So where is my devoted husband on this beautiful sunny Saturday? His first Saturday off in three weeks? With his fantastic father driving in a huge 9-hour triangle to Rhode Island, to New Jersey, and back to Schenectady, pulling a flippin' U-Haul trailer, to pick up these pianos. Cleaning up after my mess. And I couldn't even go with them because I'm not supposed to sit for more than like an hour. Or lift anything -- especially a piano.

So there's my story of irony. I have wanted a piano for so long. I've never bid on a piano. I bid on two and won them both, and now I own three pianos.

The good news is that we will give one to the Hopkins family. I used to teach their kids piano on this ghetto little electric keyboard, but it melted when their house burned. And we have wanted to get them a gift for counseling/marrying us but couldn't afford it. And the other will go to Dave's parents house, so that I can play when we go over there, and maybe Josh will teach himself a thing or two.

Yes, good has been done here (aside from the fact that we'll pay about $200 in gas to go get the dingety-dang pianos).

When I see them, I'll post pictures, just so you get the full effect.